As you may be aware the CBR Business Solutions office is currently closed and all our staff are working from home.  We are all adjusting to the impact that this will have on the processing of DBS applications, particularly paper applications, so please see below for interim guidance.  In the meantime, please bear with us.  We will need to ensure that we prioritise our efforts into ensuring that essential services at this difficult time are able to run safely.

Contacting Us

We are now reliant on communication via email.  This also allows us to prioritise how we respond to requests.  Please email us if you have any questions about existing or future applications.

Paper-based Applications

For customers who have been reliant on paper-based applications we will support you to move to our online platform for DBS checks.  Please note, we have temporarily waived the set-up fee required for online applications in order to help groups access the online service.  We will prioritise requests for help to ensure those organisations needing DBS checks as part of their Covid-19 response are supported first. 

We are aware that we have a back-log in respect of paper based applications that have been sent to us in the past week and we are taking steps to resolve this, but I must inform you that there is likely to be significant delays on any outstanding paper based applications or documents sent for checking.   If you wish to cancel your outstanding applications and start them as online applications then please let us know.

Evidence Checking

The DBS service has updated its guidance regarding checking evidence online for standard and enhanced checks.  We will provide you with a clear process of how to do this and what you need to have in place early next week.

New Online Applications

To use the online system both the individual and the organisation will need a basic level of IT literacy. If your organisation wishes to sign up to our online service please download and complete the eDBS-sign-up form and email it to the DBS Team

Existing On-line Customers

You can log into our e-DBS system, here.

Further Information

DBS Price List 2019 and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Eligibility and Responsibilities

The law requires that DBS checks can only be undertaken if the role/activity meets the legislative requirements – we cannot apply for DBS checks that are not lawful. We also have to be sure that the level of check (i.e. Standard, Enhanced, access to the barred list) meets the legal thresholds. See the DBS eligibility guidance.  To undertake DBS checks the DBS Service requires your organisation to have the following policies in place:
– Recruitment of Ex-Offenders.
– Handling of DBS Certificate Information (July 2018).