Are you still eligible for a free DBS Check due to Covid?

Are you still eligible for a free DBS Check due to Covid?

Back in early 2020 when the UK first started experiencing the necessary measures brought in for dealing with the pandemic, the DBS introduced specific Covid-19 related checks. This helped mobilise the necessary army of volunteers and professionals who helped us all through those trying times.

Since the removal of all Covid related restrictions, there is a reasonable expectation that the demand for a DBS application for Covid specific roles should drop significantly. The criteria for these roles have always been tightly defined, very specific and designed to be used only where an individual is taken on to deliver relevant pandemic related treatment. Further details are available from DBS fast-track checks | NHS Employers

It has been announced that, whilst the number of these checks should be declining, they will still be available until at least March 2023, subject to review.

Applications to these roles are still expected to be the exception rather than the rule. These are only used where there is an explicit and demonstrable link to the legal eligibility criteria, e.g. for the recruitment of eligible roles in support of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

It should be noted that not having Covid related roles specified on an application will not negatively affect the time it takes to process that application. The Covid related arrangements did not fast track the issuing of a full Disclosure result, only the issuing of Barred List information.

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