Wishing you a SAFE and Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2021

Well what a year it’s been!  A year ago we wished all Health and Happiness little suspecting the year that was to come.

The team hope you can all have a relaxing time even though this year’s festivities are unlike any other with Covid-19’s current effects.  Thank you for your business over the last 12 months, who would have known that this time last year we would be heading for a Pandemic and that it would remain with us and we would all be talking about Furlough Schemes and the implications of working from home.  It certainly has been a challenging time and will continue to be so in the near future but hopefully with the vaccine now being rolled out, we can look forward to a more positive 2021.

We do recognise that things can be difficult for many reasons at this time and share some contacts for you to share if you know of anyone in need of some support.


Our lovely card this year is a photo by our colleague Will.

All the best from the CBR Business Solutions team