We now offer Digital ID for DBS Checks

Image of a man's face next to a scanned image of a face, with Digital ID written in letters alongside

The most time-consuming part of a DBS application can often be verifying an applicant’s identity. With the introduction of Digital ID this process can be made quicker and easier for both employees and applicants.

Instead of applicants needing to find and provide paper documents to prove their identity, they will now be able to use online evidence.

Benefits of using Digital ID
  • An applicant’s identity is verified remotely. No intervention needed by the employer.
  • This is time saving for your staff who currently make the time to meet with an applicant to verify their documents.
  • By using robust authentication methods, ID verification is more accurate, reducing delays that can be caused by human error.
How to use Digital ID

An applicant can now download an app and use smartphone technology to capture essential data from their documents. Once uploaded to their DBS Disclosure application, their identity is verified instantly, without the need for human intervention.

No more searching for acceptable paper documents in an increasingly digital world, a world of online bank statements and internet produced P60s.

A smartphone with the correct app installed will cut through all of this, making your pre-employment checks so much easier and less time-consuming.

A phone’s camera can be used to capture document details and confirm the likeness of the applicant. It’s scanner can read and store the details on the ‘chip’ inside a biometric passport, ready to be used to confirm your applicant’s identity electronically and automatically.

The identity created can also be used for an applicant’s Right to Work and other pre-employment checks, which can be run through the KYP platform we host.

To see how easy it is for an applicant to create their digital identity, you can watch this short video: Digital ID

If you would like to find out more about this new service, please contact our DBS team at enquiries@cbrsolutions.org.uk