It’s National Volunteers Week! How can you introduce volunteering into the workplace?

It’s National Volunteers Week!
Volunteering brings many health and wellbeing benefits to those involved. By introducing employer supported volunteering (ESV), it can benefit the employer and working environment too.   
What is Employer Supported Volunteering:

Also known as Corporate Volunteering, ESV refers to paid off time during work hours, to engage in volunteering activities. It could be a day spent tree-planting, an hour a week making befriending calls or a set period of time using your skill set to support a local charity.

What are the benefits of ESV?

There are many benefits to businesses, employees and the wider community for considering ESV for your business:

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction, by allowing employees to contribute to a meaningful cause
  • A chance to learn new skills and experiences
  • Strengthen team relationships through collaboration
  • Increase reputation by actively supporting local charities
How can you introduce this into your workplace?

As an employer, you can decide how to proceed with ESV.

  1. Consider your organisational needs. Think about your company’s goals and values and areas ESV can align with your corporate social responsibility.
  2. Develop a comprehensive policy, outlining guidelines, eligibility criteria and the number of hours staff can volunteer.
  3. Collaborate with community groups and charities around their needs. Tailor these to your employee interests.
  4. Promote ESV internally and communicate the benefits to employees.
  5. Consider both individual and group opportunities.
  6. Measure the impact of ESV initiatives, recognise contributions and celebrate successes.

As with all new policies, developing one that is right for your organisation takes consideration, but a well-managed ESV programme can bring benefits to everyone involved!

Last year staff from Pivotal Digital spent their ESV day in 3 groups. Teams went off to Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity to help with the new garden, St Martins to raise awareness and vital funds through a street collection and St Stevens to help in the café and garden.

The Pivotal team thoroughly enjoyed doing it and it seems the charities really appreciated it too. We would definitely like to do more volunteering in 2024.”


If you would like support implementing an ESV policy within your workplace, our MCIPD qualified HR consultants can support you with this.

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