Top HR Tips for Start-ups

Starting a new business can be an exciting time. Here’s some HR tops tips to consider from our consultants, Kate and Nicola.

You’ve taken the plunge to grow and take on employees, which can feel challenging and nerve-wracking!

Ensuring you remain legally compliant is crucial, but building a positive workplace to attract and retain the right employees will help you with your new venture.

Top tips that can help:
  • Develop a strong recruitment strategy. Finding the right people at the beginning is crucial. Identify the skills and experience you need to support your growth.
  • Offer competitive benefits. As a start-up, you might not have the same resources as larger companies, but you can still offer competitive benefits packages which might include an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), occupational sick pay rather than statutory sick pay only, enhanced annual leave, birthday day-off, cycle to work scheme, retirement plans and flexible work arrangements.
  • Ensure you have your policies and procedures and contracts in place. These are important for all staff to know what to do and why for day-to-day operations, but also to ensure you remain legally compliant.
  • Provide ongoing training and development. Investing in your team is essential for improving skills and personal growth. Make sure you have a really good induction and probation programme in place so that your new member of staff feels welcomed from the start and can feel they are making a positive impact.
  • Ensure you offer regular support and supervision. Communication is key and creating a safe space to listen to concerns, offer feedback and address any issues that may arise will be beneficial to all parties.
  • Create a positive workplace culture. By setting clear expectations from the beginning around values, promoting a healthy work-life balance and encouraging collaborative teamwork, you’ll foster a workplace that will attract and retain your employees.

Remember, your team are your greatest asset and investing in their success is investing in your own success.

If you would like any advice and support with implementing these, please do reach out. You’re not alone!

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