Resources for Supporting Employee Wellbeing

We originally posted Resources for Supporting Employee Wellbeing back in May 2020 when lockdown was in full swing.  It’s clear that employers are continuing to provide support to employees in regard to the last 2 years of living with a pandemic’s effects.  Partially due to the employer’s duty of care, that it’s supportive of employee engagement and part of the generally increased wellbeing strategy. So we have updated our suggested resources for 2022.

Resources for Individuals

Every Mind Matters Quiz and personal plan – Very useful website on mental health.  There is a wellbeing quiz which on completions suggests tools and activities.  Lots of other resources so useful for family too.

Every Mind Matters | One You

Wellbeing resources – Scotland based however general information suitable for all in UK

Wellbeing Resources (

NHS support – Nationally check for local support.

Winter wellbeing | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (

Resources for Managers and Employers have collated a good selection of mainly free resources

Wellbeing – GOV.UK (

ACAS – Health and wellbeing | Acas

ACAS also have regular blogs and other information on Coronavirus.

Mind Useful resources | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems

The Mind resources include a wellbeing action plan (WAP) for employees and managers to work in coordination with each other on

NHS England » Financial wellbeing is a selection of resources for employers and managers supporting employee financial wellbeing

Anxiety article – If a manager has a team member who is experiencing anxiety or they are concerned by how an employee is when they are in contact, this article shares how it feels to have anxiety.  Managers may read it and understand how they are feeling too.

The anxiety experience: 7 metaphors to illustrate anxiety

Remploy – Nationally, Remploy can support with mental health issues at work.  They would be a useful support tool too.  Employers can refer an employee (with permission we would suggest) or share the resource with the employee for them to self refer.

Resilience – Information on resilience including TED talk links Resilience training (