Online DBS processing service interruption: Tuesday June 9

DBS Checks

CBR Business Solution’s DBS Team have been alerted to the fact that the e-Bulk service for online DBS processing will be unavailable due to system maintenance on the afternoon of Tuesday 9th June between 3pm and 5pm. Will Hough, CBR Business Solutions DBS Counter-signatory, said, ‘Normally this type of system maintenance happens at weekends or evenings and causes minimum distribution but we understand it was not possible to do so in this instance. Organisations are unfortunately unable to submit e-Bulk applications or retrieve results during these times.

‘We do not envisage this will cause further disruption beyond the two hour system closure to the online services we are currently offering our clients, including facilitating fast-track, Covid-specific roles for care homes, care agencies and the NHS.’ added Will.

For further information on the e-Bulk system, go to