New accuracy policy introduced for DBS applications

Get your DBS application right first time or you may lose your fee and suffer additional delays.  That’s the impact of new accuracy standards from the government’s Disclosure and Barring Service which came into effect on Monday May 6th 2019.

The new ‘withdrawals policy’ issued by the DBS will mean certain applications which are incorrect will now be ‘withdrawn’ whereas previously they would have been amended or corrected. The DBS will NOT be issuing refunds for these incorrect or incomplete applications and, if still required, application(s) will need to be made again.

Will Hough, CBR Business Solution’s DBS consultant says ‘The two main areas affected by this policy will be an applicant’s declared five year address history and ‘Section X’ questions regarding workforce, barred list access and home-working. This means, to avoid unnecessary ‘duplicate charges’, everybody involved in the process will have to extra vigilant.’

Will says that anyone processing DBS applications needs to ensure that the applicant has declared the requisite full five year address history with no gaps and no missing addresses.  In addition, they need to make sure that they are applying for checks at an appropriate level and with the correct workforce specifications.

Further information is available on the government’s DBS website.